Here at Real People & Property we’re interested in looking after all parties involved with property – not just the people who own the properties, but the people who live in them also.


About us

Real People & Property is a real estate company that started out with help from our partner website dontrentme.com – where we constantly have reviews on bad landlords and even worse, real estate agents who are unfairly looking after their tenants!

Our goal is to work with only the right kinds of people in property. We work with professional and insured landlords, great tenants and their families (which includes their family pets!) – and we even help people buy their first home with our no-deposit home buyer program.

Our team

The team at Real People & Property is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We are unique because of our ongoing relationship with our partner website dontrentme.com.

At all stages, our conduct and professionalism are continuously reviewed and mediated by the team at dontrentme.com. This means that not only do we have a laser focus on real estate management and sales in general – but we also engage dontrentme.com to ensure our management of all the people in property comes from a place of advocacy and fairness.

We ensure all the properties we list for rent or sale meet strict quality guidelines, that the reputations of all people involved is good, and that every landlord is insured to guarantee the properties are well maintained.


Cameron is our founding member and the director and licensee of Real People & Property.

With drive, passion and an unmatched work ethic, Cameron offers his personal support to both vendors, purchasers, and tenants – to provide an unparalleled level of customer service.

Utilising exceptional communication and negotiation skills developed from owing and running his own successful business since the age of 18, Cameron shows the true form of a great up and coming entrepreneur and someone who truly shows he cares about you and your future home.